Fabrication Services

Cutting, forming, polishing, gluing, welding

Whether crafting bespoke designs or mass-produced items Vink Plastics combines CNC precision, thermoforming, and finishing techniques to meet diverse customer needs.

Acrylaat beglazing Acrylaat beglazing

State-of-the-art CNC machine

Experience precision and versatility with our recently purchased 3-axis Biesse CNC machine, equipped with a cutting bed capable of handling materials up to 4000 x 2100mm and 90mm thick.


With our Caltherm furnace oven, we can offer extended thermoforming solutions to our customers.  When coupled with our specialised draping techniques and jigs, we can create unique, bespoke curved designs. 

Example one - Polycarbonate sheet has was treated in the oven before fitting in a jig to create these smooth cylindrical pipe covers.

Example two - An acrylic sheet was placed in the oven then draped-form treated to create this unique bowl design. 

Example three - A single piece of 20mm frosted acrylic was treated in the oven then cut with a jig to create this smooth, curved chair design.

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Precision and shapes

Witness the remarkable precision and intricate shapes achievable with our CNC machine. For instance, we used opal acrylic to craft a stunning wall display for a shop.

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This part was made from sturdy 12mm polypropylene, cut on our CNC machine then welded together to form the final structure.

It was used to protect an expensive quartz glass cylinder during transportation.

HMPE Slachterijen HMPE Slachterijen

Multi-material fabrication

While our core expertise lies in plastic distribution and fabrication, we can also provide custom solutions using various materials, including wood-based products.

This ornate door profile was created on our CNC machine.

Snijplaten Snijplaten

Industrial plastics expertise

Explore the capabilities of our CNC in handling industrial and engineering grade plastics up to a thickness of 90mm, ideal for applications such as creating sturdy table tops.

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High-precision cutting

Discover the CNC's ability to cut with exceptional precision. For instance, we created a 20mm clear acrylic panel with holes ranging from 2mm to 5mm, finishing it with diamond and flame polishing for a polished look.

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Engineered solutions

Benefit from our expertise in engineering and industrial plastics, where we create custom solutions like gaskets, washers, profiles, and rings for various industries such as bottling plants and wind farms, to name a few.

These parts were created on our CNC machine.


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Retail solutions

As part of the Vink group, we offer diverse retail solutions. Take a look at our professionally finished display plinths of various sizes and colours, crafted through CNC, gluing, and line bending.

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V-Groove cutting

Our CNC's V-groove capabilities allow us to offer sign tray solutions for Sign and Display customers. These sign trays are made from ACM with coloured acrylic backing for an attractive backlight.

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Planing and centreless grinding

Our Planing service allows us to offer bespoke thicknesses on our sheet and plate material. We can offer planing on sheets ranging from 3mm - 300mm thick and up to 610mm wide on request.

Our Centreless Grinding capabilities can reduce the outer diameter of our rod material on sizes ranging from 10mm - 50mm diameter as standard as well as offering tolerances as low as 0.05mm.

Both of these services help to reduce machining time and save on costs for our valued customers.

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Mass-production capability

In addition to bespoke designs, we can handle large-scale production. An example is a substantial production run of newspaper display shelves for a major retailer. These shelves are CNC-cut, thermoformed, and polished to a high standard suitable for point-of-sale.