Working safely in the medical sector

Be stronger with Vink Plastics

With the Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC), the medical technical sector imposes very high requirements on the technical properties of plastics and on the required standards that these plastics must meet. Medical Grade plastics are available in sheet and rod shapes in a wide variety of sizes and colours. Reliability comes first for the production of Medical Grade plastics, raw materials and additives are used that have been used for medical-technical applications for years. These raw materials are FDA compliant, tested according to DIN and ISO 10993-1 and USP Class VI, and all products come with certification.

For 100% traceability there is an inkjet marking on all medical grade versions over the full length of the semi-finished product with Material, Item number and Production Lot number. Vink Plastics Medical Grade Plastics are now used in surgical and dental instruments, storage boxes, biotechnology, laboratory and diagnostic equipment and as dimensioning parts for knee and hip prostheses.


Unique features

  • Very high maximum operating temperature
  • Food-safe
  • Sterilisable
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good hydrolysis resistance
  • Suitable for high purity environments
  • High dimensional stability

About PEEK and medical applications

Polyetheretherketone belongs to the group of high performance plastics. The temperature range of PEEK is from -40°C to 250°C with transient peaks up to 300°C. This plastic withstands heavy loads and has excellent chemical resistance. Add to that the low coefficient of expansion and high material stiffness and it is clear that it offers excellent dimensional stability. PEEK is flame-retardant and food-safe according to European 10/2011 legislation and the American FDA standard.

Toolmaking and instrument making are often a split from the precision mechanical industry, with the medical sector as the spearhead. Think of instruments that are used by a surgeon where high demands are made on the sterilisation of the instruments. High performance plastics such as PEEK are processed in this industry.


Unieke kenmerken

  • Doorschijnend Amberkleurig
  • Levensmiddelengeschikt
  • Uitmuntende vlambestendigheid
  • Thermisch en mechanisch sterk
  • Uitstekend elektrisch isolerend

Over PEI en medische toepassingen

Polyetherimide, afgekort tot PEI, is een translucente amberkleurige high performance kunststof met een goede steriliseerbaarheid en een hoge mechanische sterkte over een breed temperatuurbereik. PEI is vlamdovend en heeft een lage rookontwikkeling bij brand. Het is goed UV-, gammastraling en chemisch bestendig. Polyetherimide is quasi transparant voor infrarood licht, zichtbaar licht en microgolfstraling en toegelaten voor rechtstreeks contact met levensmiddelen.

De gereedschapmakerij en de instrumentmakerij zijn vaak een afsplitsing van de fijnmechanische industrie met als speerpunt de medische sector. Denk aan instrumentaria die worden toegepast door een chirurg waarbij aan het steriliseren van de instrumenten hoge eisen worden gesteld. Voornamelijk high performance plastics zoals PEEK en PEI, worden in deze branche verwerkt.