Working safely with plastics

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Plastics are used worldwide in countless applications. An important reason that plastic is chosen in many cases is the safety aspect . Each type of plastic has its own specific properties that often form the basis for the safe processing of plastics. 

What do we mean by working safely with plastics?

The final plastic application often has a function to create safety in environments where people and/or animals reside. By this we mean working with safe and approved resources, fire safety and a healthy and safety culture. This, supplemented by the fact that plastics are used in almost all industrial processes in order to guarantee process safety, makes plastic a material that fully deserves the designation 'working safely with plastic'. 

Examples of the safe processing of plastic

  • Plastic is a relatively soft material. So the risk of injury from splinters is significantly less than when using conventional materials.
  • Due to the impact resistance, the risk of breakage is small with many plastics. This reduces the risk of injury during handling and transport.
  • The relatively light weight of plastic gives a lower load when lifting and therefore less chance of overloading the employees concerned.

On this page you can zoom in on the sections Medical, Food, Chemicals and Construction. There you will find plastics with specific safety benefits.

Examples of safety in plastic applications

  • The use of Polycarbonate in protective glazing applications such as safety glass for the cashier at petrol stations and partitions at supporter compartments in football stadiums.
  • The various Foodgrade plastic modifications ensure safe processing of food production lines.
  • Fire-resistant plastics are often used in places where human safety is a top priority. Think of wall coverings in aircraft.
  • Acrylic is a plastic with a light transmission of 92% and a specific weight of 1.19 g/cm3. Compared to traditional glass, these are major advantages and a reason for many supermarket chains to use acrylic for their Corona virus prevention screens at the checkouts.
  • Plastics such as PEEK and Nylon are easy to sterilise and are used in the medical world, contributing to the well-being of all of us.

Do you have special requests regarding safe working with plastics?

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