Billboards & panels

Impact-resistant, weather-resistant and machinable materials

More and more people are opting for billboards and panels. This form of communication is mainly suitable for achieving your promotional goals in the short term. Advertising signs can be made in many types of plastic sheet material and sizes, depending on where the sign is placed and how long it will be in use. The degree of durability is determined by the choice of material used. Each plastic has its own characteristics, regardless of how the advertising or image is applied. 

Solid HPL advertising board Solid HPL advertising board

Solid HPL advertising board 

Unique features

  • Anti-static and low expansion
  • High surface hardness
  • High impact resistance and low deflection

About HPL for billboards and panels

Billboards and panels can take a lot of wear in some places. On construction sites, for example, an advertisement must be robust and strong. But also on football or hockey fields, for example, there should of course be no weak advertising billboards and panels. The Solid Advertising Board offers the solution for this due to its high impact resistance and low deflection. The melamine top layer provides a nice smooth surface on which advertising can be beautifully printed.

PVC foam PVC foam

PVC foam

Unique features

  • Strong sheets
  • Light weight
  • Excellent printability

About PVC foam for billboards and panels

Foamed PVC is optimised for digital print. For the short to medium term, it is ideally suited as an outdoor advertising material. This is obviously much longer for billboards & panels in an interior space. The optimisation for digital print facilitates a high degree of design freedom. The most brilliant digital and screen printing results can be achieved by the high white surface of.

Amari Sustainable Sustainable alternative to PVC Foam

Foamalux Xtra - PVC Foam - up to 80% reclaimed content and 100% recyclable

ACM - Aluminium Composite Material ACM - Aluminium Composite Material

ACM - Aluminium Composite Material

Unique features

  • Strong, stiff and light
  • Flat surface, UV-resistant polyester coating
  • Long-lasting gloss and colour fastness

About ACM for billboards and panels

ACM is strong, stiff, light and excellent to use as a basis for beautiful advertising. It's made of a polyethylene core with two 0.3 mm thick high-quality aluminum sheets that are excellent for printing. It is treated with UV-resistant polyester lacquer, making it excellent for outdoor advertising. It is available in different versions and can also be processed in different ways.