Print Packaging

Printable plastics for a variety of packaging

Hardly any market is as versatile as the packaging market. This is where functionality, information provision and appearance come together. For the production of attractive but also effective packaging, Vink Plastics has a wide range of products in the delivery package. Whether it concerns beautiful product presentations or protection of your product, you are guaranteed of high-quality plastic and cardboard materials that can be supplied both on production ex works and from stock.

 APET - Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate  APET - Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate


Unique features

  • Transparent and cold bendable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Food-safe

About APET for promotional packaging

Transparent and cold bendable, environmentally friendly and food-safe. These are just a few of the properties that make APET extremely suitable for packaging production. The thermoplastic Polyester sheets are transparent in colour and highly impact resistant. APET sheets and rolls are ideally suited for food and pharmaceutical packaging. Both the APET sheets and rolls are environmentally friendly and recyclable. 

Honeycomb cardboard Honeycomb cardboard

Honeycomb cardboard

Unique features

  • Suitable for digital printing and screen printing
  • Excellent cutting properties
  • 100% recyclable

About honeycomb cardboard for packaging

The sturdy cardboard honeycomb material known in the market as Beelite 3D Display Board is one of many options for this application. The material has excellent cutting properties, making it easy to machine as desired. In addition, Beelite is finished on both sides with print-ready paper, so that advertising and communication expressions can be beautifully displayed on the packaging. Beelite is fully recyclable and therefore extremely sustainable for large print runs.

Polypropylene sheet Polypropylene sheet

Polypropylene sheet

Unique features

  • Endlessly hinged
  • Toys and food suitable
  • Excellent printability (digital, silkscreen and offset)

About Polypropylene sheet for packaging

Popypropylene sheet is a highly valued and widely used material in the production of packaging for various types of content. This material can be creased, folded and hinged endlessly without tearing. In addition, Polypropylene sheet has a high color stability, so that hinge or fold lines do not discolour. Because the material can be printed in different ways, beautiful expressions can be realised as desired. Additional advantages of Polypropylene sheet are the ease of processing, the environmental friendliness and the Corona treatment. Vink Plastics supplies Evacast in various colours and surface structures

Fluted polypropylene Fluted polypropylene

Fluted Polypropylene

Unique features

  • Lightweight with no moisture absorption
  • Folds/creases without tearing
  • UV stabilised and food grade

About fluted polypropylene for packaging

Fluted polypropylene is a light yet sturdy double-walled sheet that can also be used for packaging. It is easy to process and can be punched and cut excellently. In addition, it is easy to fold. This results in almost endless folding without tearing. Fluted polypropylene is also suitable for products that need to be kept cool. In addition to the food suitability, it is also suitable for cooling and freezing.