Folders & Boxes

Hinged, tear-resistant and very tough

Folding boxes and folders are of course available in many shapes and sizes. From cardboard to aluminum. Due to the versatility of plastic, Vink Plastics offers an extensive delivery program for this application area in Polypropylene solid sheets when hingeability and good printability come together. And a multi-walled sheet structure is required for stability and low moisture absorption.

Polypropylene sheet Polypropylene sheet

Polypropylene sheet

Unique features

  • Wide range of colours and sizes
  • Endlessly foldable
  • Excellent printability (corona treated)

About Polypropylene sheet for folding boxes

Foldability is essential in this application. Regardless of the period of use, folding boxes and folders should be hinged for as long as possible without tearing. Polypropylene sheet fits in seamlessly with this. It can be hinged endlessly if it is creased in a special way. It is not only extremely tough and sturdy, but also colourfast. Hinge or fold lines are absolutely invisible and the material can be punched, stapled, glued and welded without any problems. Vink Plastics supplies Polypropylene sheet in an extensive program of colours and surface structures.

Fluted polypropylene sheet Fluted polypropylene sheet

Fluted polypropylene sheet

Unique features

  • Light weight
  • Virtually no moisture absorption
  • UV stabilised
  • Food-safe (on request)

About fluted polypropylene sheet for folding boxes

A double-wall structure combined with the toughness of polypropylene makes it excellently for folding boxes and folders. It is a wonderful replacement for corrugated cardboard for these applications. It does not absorb moisture, it folds excellently and is easy to cut and punch. Because the material does not tear, it is a great solution for the production of folding boxes and folders.