Set & Stage Construction

Light, impact-resistant and easy-to-work materials

Set design makes sets for trade fairs and events, among other things. For this, parts and complete stages have to be manufactured. The production takes place in a workshop, but certainly also on location. It is not uncommon for plastics to be used. Reasons for this are design freedom, weight savings and fire behaviour. Vink has an extensive range of plastics that can be used for this purpose.

Acrylic Acrylic


Unique features

  • Impact resistant and safe
  • Flexible, easy to work with
  • Available in many special versions

About Acrylic for set and stage design

In the realisation of a creative high-quality decor, acrylic can be of great added value. Compared to glass it offers major advantages. The sheet material is much lighter than glass and is much less prone to breakage. The latter in particular can be an important application argument when there is a risk of breakage. Moreover, acrylic is easy to work with. It can be cold bent to a certain radius and easily cut to size. All advantages in combination with the endless creative 'special effect' possibilities make the material extremely suitable for this application.

Amari Sustainable Sustainable alternatives to Acrylic

Lightweight foam board Lightweight foam board

Lightweight foam board

Unique features

  • Super light yet stiff
  • Excellent printability
  • 100% recyclable

About lightweight foam board for set and stage construction

This super light polystyrene foam board combines excellent printability with great rigidity. This makes it particularly suitable for decor pieces that need to be hung or for large decor objects that must not bend. It can be cut, sawn, milled, lasered and glued. The foamed sides of the sheet material can be finished with self-adhesive edge profiles available from Vink Plastics.  It is available in several sizes and thicknesses.

Amari Sustainable Sustainable alternative to Polystyrene foam

SMART-X® - Lightweight Foam Board - Made with 100% renewable energy and 100% recyclable

PVC foam PVC foam

PVC foam

Unique features

  • Feather-light sandwich panel
  • Polystyrene core
  • Flat and sturdy
  • Ideal for screen printing and digital print

About PVC foam for set and stage construction

PVC foam sandwich panels are very suitable for stage and stage construction. It consists of a foamed polystyrene core with a polypropylene top layer on both sides. These PP outer layers not only make the sheets beautifully flat, but also extremely suitable for screen printing and digital printing techniques. It is super light but also remains tight on large dimensions. The sheets can be made hinged by means of V-seams, so that they can be folded into, for example, a box or cube. The sheets are supplied with protective layer as standard.

Amari Sustainable Sustainable alternative to PVC Foam

Foamalux Xtra - PVC Foam - up to 80% reclaimed content and 100% recyclable

ACM - Aluminium Composite Material ACM - Aluminium Composite Material

Aluminium composite material

Unique features

  • Strong, stiff and flat
  • Excellent printability
  • Available in metallic, graphite, brushed and mirror finishes

Abount aluminium composite material for set and stage construction

Strong, stiff and light are the three characteristics of aluminuim composite.  The sheet is made of two 0.3 mm thick aluminium plates with a core of high-quality polyethylene. It can be shaped and processed without hindrance. The 'Digital White' version has been developed especially for flatbed digital printing. This allows an extra dimension to be added when the decor calls for it. In addition to white and coloured sheets with a glossy surface, Vink Plastics also stocks metalic, graphite, brushed and mirror finishes.

Multi-wall polycarbonate Multi-wall polycarbonate

Multi-wall polycarbonate

Unique features

  • Multi-walled
  • Light, strong and stiff
  • Cold bend

About multi-wall polycarbonate for set and stage construction

Multi-walled polycarbonate sheet is extremely suitable for the creation of decors. Clear advantages of the material are its rigidity and light weight. This combination makes it the material of choice when it comes to large surfaces. An additional advantage here is that even with large surfaces, the material requires less support. The material is also easy to drill and saw.